Stock Market Mastery

I have had staggering losses in the stock market – it is to the point now that my family refuses to talk to me about the market. It feels like an addiction. Over the past 10 years I have read every book on the shelf about investing, I have joined numerous subscriptions…I’ve even taken courses, but nothing I have done has helped me become a truly profitable trader.

It’s funny because my advice seems to be sound, but I become impulsive and emotional during market hours and hit the buy or sell button without thinking. Friends of mine thank me for the “hot tip” and go about their day not knowing I spent hours researching that opportunity and failed to fully execute my OWN PLAN properly. I set a stop, then I moved it up too high and stopped out before the big run. There is also the alternative situation that often occurs – I set a stop, then removed it thinking I was wiser than the market (not pre-planning in any way for that decision) and let my losses run unrestricted into the abyss.

Shouldn’t I have done the exact opposite?!

We need to be honest with ourselves…the market is rigged against the individual or retail day traders out there.

I have a wonderful job, so I have been able to throw money at the market hoping my luck will turn and all of my positions will rally…at which point I will sell and retire on the beach with my wife…never to worry about money again.

And that’s exactly where I have gone wrong…contrary to what Jesse Livermore might say…this isn’t a game. We are not playing with monopoly money. Impulsively buying and selling (no matter how many books you have read) is a one way ticket to failure.

So today, after the market correction last week stopped me out and a failed entry into a direxion gold play…I was seconds away from hanging up my investing hat…I would toss some money at a money manager and stow the rest away in a savings account. Yea I know…not going to get rich quick with that plan, but at least I won’t lose so much damn money.

I don’t know what made me rethink that plan, with all of the losses after dedicating so much time and effort…who in their right mind would keep going? Why not stop worrying about my next investment and focus on my job and my family?

Well… I am going to give this one more try because I am truly passionate about the market, but I have slimmed my trading account down to $20,000 and have promised myself no more money will be added into any of my trading accounts. I am also forfeiting any and all day trading – from now on that is a big no-go. The euphoria of skyrocketing profits is the addiction I am determined to shed. I will force myself to stay calm and seek consistent profitable gains. And to be honest, I have typically been successful in this endeavor, but the day trading has completely annihilated any of those nice gains.

Maybe you can learn from the mistakes I’ve made and we can achieve consistent gains together. I want to be very upfront with you…I am not a salesman…I am hoping that my story will help someone out there that is struggling with the same issues. If I make money because you clicked on a link or something like that well then hell…thank you…you helped me pay for the website but I am definitely not looking to become a multimillionaire from this website. I also believe that by becoming very public about my plans and decisions I will lose that hot finger and stop the impulsive buying and selling.


I am a subscriber to every market service you can think of (chat rooms, market newsletters, scanning services, charting resources, blogs, many of the “gurus” and anything else you can think of I am most likely a member)…and by doing so it costs a lot of money.

I will muffle out all of the noise and assemble what I believe to be high probability trades. There is no reason you should not benefit from what I am offering…


Disclosure: I am not a financial advisor, so all I am doing is letting you know what I am trading and why…the rest is your decision.